Below is various content I have either created or contributed to:


SecGen creates vulnerable virtual machines so students can learn security penetration testing techniques.
bXSS is a simple Blind XSS application adapted from
AngularJS Security Rules For ESLint
MetaSec.js combines all the free open-source security tools to identify issues with JavaScript and automates the boring parts



Allstars - Amsterdam - Manual JavaScript Analysis is a Bug
Global AppSec - Tel Aviv - OWASP Top 10 For JavaScript Developers
OWASP - Portland - OWASP Top 10 For JavaScript Developers
BrightTalk - Online - Reviewing Modern JavaScript Applications
OWASP - San Francisco - Reviewing Modern JavaScript Applications


Bsides - Leeds - Performing JavaScript Static Analysis
AngularSF - San Francisco - Dangerous Design Patterns In One Line


OWASP - London - So you thought you were safe using AngularJS.. Think again!
FluentConf - San Jose - So you thought you were safe using AngularJS.. Think again!


Leeds Beckett University - Leeds - Breaking Into Security
SteelCon - Sheffield - Reviewing AngularJS 1.x Applications
OWASP - London - Lightning Talk - Jacks Tool Demo

External Blog Posts

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